Photo Booth Options

Open Air Photo Booths


Open Air Photo Booths are the ultimate selfie machines! Crowd around the photo tower and and take photos that print film strips instantly!

Classic Photo Booth


Our canvas enclosed Photo Booth is perfect for couples shots. We also include a 20" flat screen monitor that plays a Live View of the guests inside the Photo Booth.

Green Screen Events

Our Green Screen Events include a custom, branded backdrop along with a photographer and Green Screen technician. As with all of our booths, Green Screen photos are printed instantly and come in a variety of sizes.

Cool Stuff the Photo Booths can do...

Our Open Air and Classic Photo Booths include state of the art upgrades you won't find in a typical Photo Booth


Changing Led Lights

Our Photo Booth machine has LED lights that can be set to rotate. You can also choose a specific color to fit your event's theme 


Touch Screen Technology

When you step inside the Gotcha Fun Photo Booth, you'll find more than just the typical two-button machine. Guests interact with the Photo Booth via a Touch Screen Monitor. Guest may even send themselves an email copy of their photos (with WiFi connection)


Customizable User Interface

Our state of the art system not only allows us to customize the guest's photos, but also the computer screen they interact with! We can design a welcome screen that compliments your event's theme.


MP3 Voice Prompts

The Photo Booths have pre-loaded voice prompts that say things like "Get Ready!" and "Smile!". At Gotcha! Fun Photos, we can replace them with mp3 recordings of the event host's or CEO's voice!


Video Option

Our Open Air and Classic Photo Booths offer a video option that allows guest to record short videos. All videos are loaded onto a zip drive for the event's host. Perfect for offering your well-wishes to the happy couple!


Custom mp3 Playlist Option

Because our system has built-in speakers, we can plug it up to your iPod or mp3 player, so guests near or inside booth are listening to your chosen playlist.


20" Live View Screen on the outside the Classic Photo Booth

The Classic Photo Booth comes with a 20" Live View Monitor that displays a live feed of the guests inside the booth. It's almost as much fun to watch as it is to get your picture taken!


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